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Every oleh has a story


We kick off this exciting podcast! Yay! In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk about our name (or lack of) and our plans for the future.
As always, we love to hear your feedback, so leave us a comment :)


Rayla Rappaport is an international tax accountant and consultant at PwC. She also happens to be Yosef's wife :)
She talks to Jordana and Yosef about life, working in Israel, creating The Aliyah Planner, and lessons she's learned along the way.


Yoni joins Yalla Aliyah Podcast and talks about turning tragedy into motivation, his journey to Israel, and working as a tour guide in today's job climate.


Aaron takes Jordana and Yosef on a tour of his journey from South Africa to Israel by way of the IDF. Sneak peek: Aaron did not plan to make aliyah after the army. But Israel can change a person like that.
Aaron speaks about growing up in a large family and how he decided he wanted to serve in the Israeli Army.

Episode 5: Jeremy Welfeld

Jordana and Yosef have a blast sitting with Jeremy Welfeld, AKA Jem's, the owner and Brewmaster at Jem's Beer Factory.
With 13 locations across the nation Jem's has captured the attention of beer lovers and foodies alike.
Jeremy tells Jordana and Yosef about his long road to aliyah and success as a brewmaster.
We hope you enjoy listening as much as we loved recording!

Light Purple and Pink Retro Pixel Comput

Shayna Smilovitz has an amazing story from every aspect - from Judaism to aliyah to her career, every part of it is incredible and will keep you listening closely to this entire episode. If you enjoy this episode, please give us a like on Facebook and wherever you listen to podcasts.

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